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Small Pyrite Pyramid
Small Pyrite Pyramid

Small Pyrite Pyramid

This quality of pyrite pyramids is getting harder to find. In the last few years, the pyrite mining yields have produced specimens that are darker and more matte, making the extra shiny golden pyrite even more special. 

Pyrite is grounding, protective, stabilizing, and energizing. It draws in abundance, luck, and ease. It is often referred to as "fool's gold" and is cool to the touch and oddly heavy - like metal. 

A wonderful tool for reiki, and other energy healing modalities, that doubles as decor. Place directly on the body with the pyramid tip pointing away to draw out energy or with the point directed toward whatever you wish to energize.  

Measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. 

*Each pyramid varies in color and features black iron swirls.