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In The Flow Vibe Catcher
In The Flow Vibe Catcher

In The Flow Vibe Catcher

This unique vibe catcher was made using only fluorite beads and
features a vintage brass jewelry charm. Fluorite brings "order to
chaos, drawing off negativity and stress while cleansing and
purifying anything that is not in perfect order.

It helps with organization, learning, heightens intuition, brings structure and dissolves illusions.

It is grounding and aids the deep healing of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Fluorite is also a powerful EMF absorber, protecting and stabilizing your space and your aura.

**No two 'In the Flow' vibes will look or feel the same as fluorite
comes in many hues, each expressing different vibrations. The
following colors are associated with these specific energies:

BLUE: enhances communication, creativity, orderly thoughts,
amplifies brain activity and healing potential, aids spiritual

GREEN: dissolves emotional trauma, cleanses the aura and the
chakras, grounds excess energy and cleanses negativity

PURPLE: stimulates the third eye and psychic perception

CLEAR: brings clear vision and enhances other crystals during
healing, stimulates the crown chakra and harmonizes the intellect
with the spirit

(18K GOLD PLATED) SEED OF LIFE: represents "planting the seed'
for new beginnings, prosperity and growth

FENG SHUI: activates the health, wisdom, abundance, and
creativity quadrants