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Third Eye Mini Vibe

Third Eye Mini Vibe

This sweet vibe is small but mighty. It contains an 18k gold-plated Sri Yantra symbol with three lapis beads and the combination creates a powerful spiritual amulet. This mini can be used in small spaces, as a rearview mirror charm for your car, or even as a Christmas ornament. As a Feng Shui cure it is best placed in the wisdom, travel, career, or abundance quadrants but may be placed anywhere you need extra insight or protection.

SRI (or SHREE) YANTRA: translates to "holy instrument" and aids in obtaining worldly desires through manifestation; balances opposing energies and brings harmony to the masculine and
the feminine

LAPIS LAZULI: a stone for spiritual journeys and enlightenment; it stimulates the third eye and personal spiritual power; encourages taking charge of life and expressing opinions while keeping
harmony; protects against psychic attack and connects one to their spiritual guides; dissolves suffering, depression, and dis-ease; brings deep, self-knowledge; aids abundance and expression

Measures approximately 5 inches x 3 inches.