All vibes are limited-edition. Catch them while you can!


The idea for Vibe Catchers came to me in a vision. I had just moved into a new place and wanted to arrange my room based on Feng Shui principles. Using the Bagua Map as my guide, I learned that if I wanted to enhance certain energies, such as love, health or abundance, I could find their corresponding locations and place the recommended crystals, colors and symbols in that area.

At the time, I wanted to enhance my abundance corner to bring more opportunities and success, however, my bed took up the entire corner and I didn't have anywhere to place the Feng Shui cures. As I drifted off to sleep that night, I saw these beautiful hanging structures that were dripping with crystals and strategically assembled to create a certain vibration. And just like that, Vibe Catchers was born.

Though Feng Shui inspired Vibe Catchers, please don't feel limited to these rules. Hang Vibe Catchers anywhere your intuition guides you; from the ceiling, above your meditation chair, massage table, vanity, etc.; or use them as wall hangings, mobiles, wedding decorations or meditation tools.

I ethically source my materials, using only genuine and high-vibrational crystals, and aim to bring you an energetic tool that doubles as art. Because I constantly hunt for unique materials, some Vibe Catchers are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. I hope you find the Vibe Catcher that speaks to you and if not, I would love to customize one for you.