All vibes are limited-edition. Catch them while you can!

The Artist

Hi - I’m Alex, the artist, reluctant-businesswoman, and creative force behind Vibe Catchers. I never set out to start a business, nor did I think my spirituality would become so important that I’d leave my journalism career and travel aspirations behind to make art full-time. But - here I am. And, it’s right where I’m supposed to be.

I was always told I’m TOO sensitive. I always felt different. I prayed to be normal because it felt like a curse. It wasn’t until I traveled alone through Southeast Asia, meditating in Buddhist temples, going from country-to-country surrendering to the flow and embracing synchronicities, that I started waking up to the idea that these sensitivities could be a gift.

While living in Australia, I fell in with an inspiring group of healers, psychics, and yogis, and through their support, I embraced the side of myself that I’d spent most of my life trying to shut down. I attended meditation circles twice a week, and even started my own. I nervously guided meditations and shared everything I learned with anyone who would listen.

I studied reiki in the rainforest and took shamanic oaths on remote beaches. I went from not understanding crystals, or even believing in their power, to studying crystal healing and becoming a buyer for an interior designer. I finally understood that the symbols I had seen in visions were sacred geometry and there was a reason they kept appearing.

I embraced the magic and it led me here.

Vibe Catchers are my life’s work. They are so much more than wall-hangings and “jewelry for the home.” They are tools to empower you to become the master of your destiny. They are tangible artifacts to remind you just how powerful intention-setting is.