All vibes are limited-edition. Catch them while you can!
Healer's Journey Vibe Catcher

Healer's Journey Vibe Catcher

This vibe catcher was made for those who feel called to the
expressive and healing arts.

It is made with an 18k gold-plated tube torus symbol, which creates a massive healing energy field called a toroid.

The torus reminds us to walk our talk and brings balance to our inner and outer world. When combined with the following crystals, it becomes a powerful amplifier of healing and expression:

BLUE APATITE: increases the intellect, psychic abilities, and sparks creativity; brings focus and aids spiritual insights; a manifestation stone connected to humanitarian efforts and increases motivation and determination while removing apathy

GREEN APATITE: very similar to blue apatite but is connected to the heart and the physical body; aids healing, overcoming difficulties and connecting the wisdom of the heart to the understanding of the mind; aids innovation

AMAZONITE: stone of truth and discernment; encourages honest, kind expression from a place of centered calm; brings tranquility and peace while stimulating success and abundance; soothing

FENG SHUI: best placed in the wisdom, health, abundance, and creativity quadrants. May also be placed in the career sector if you are a healer or creative professional. 

Measures approximately 13 inches x 4 inches