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Radiate Love Vibe Catcher

Radiate Love Vibe Catcher

This vibe is a powerful love magnet and transmitter, infusing your space with the energy of love and kindness. The 18k gold-plated tube torus symbol creates a massive toroidal energy field which is then amplified by kunzite and rose quartz crystals. 

It is comprised of the following energies: 

TUBE TORUS: symbolizes the unity between our inner and outer worlds; represents the energetic field around objects and keeps it open and free-flowing

KUNZITE: holds the highest vibration of love; connects us to the divine realms and our higher selves; draws in abundance; encourages self-acceptance and self-compassion and a selfless love

ROSE QUARTZ: the ultimate stone of love, it draws in love and amplifies it in every form; promotes compassion, and inner peace; heals the heart chakra, and softens the blow of trauma

FENG SHUI: best placed in the love and relationships quadrant

*Measures approximately 12.5" by 4"