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Just Peachy Vibe Catcher

Just Peachy Vibe Catcher

This vibe catcher is all about keeping a positive mindset and letting things unfold in their own way. It contains the following elements:

(18K GOLD-PLATED) SEED OF LIFE: the universal symbol of creation and fertility; the heart of the flower of life and the primary
blueprint for the universe; it is useful for new beginnings and  planting new "seeds", aids the manifestation of abundance and prosperity

PEACH AVENTURINE: stone of luck, good fortune, and new possibilities; quiets the critical and judgmental inner voice, deals with issues of self-worth, enhances personal will, encourages
perseverance, creativity, vitality, confidence, and determination; helpful in the workplace

FENG SHUI: best placed the love and relationships, creativity, and children or fame and reputation quadrants