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Sunshine Of Your Love Vibe Catcher

Sunshine Of Your Love Vibe Catcher

This limited-edition vibe features vintage chain and a genuine Turkish brass sunburst charm.

It is meant to remind you to be the love of your own life, so you can radiate that energy and attract even more of it. This vibe infuses your space with love and features the following elements:

(18K GOLD-PLATED) FLOWER OF LIFE: symbolizes life's interconnectedness: contains codes andsecrets of the universe: can be found in temples, manuscripts and art around the world dating back to 6,000 years ago; having the symbol in your space can bring deep feelings of harmony and healing

ROSE QUARTZ: teaches the true essence of love; attracts love and strengthens connections; restores trust and harmony to existing relationships; replaces negative energy with love; teaches you how to love and forgive yourself invoking self-trust and self-worth

FENG SHUI: best placed in the love and
relationships quadrant

Approximately 11 inches x 4 inches.